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Position papers

Toward Designing User-centered Idle Behaviors for Social Robots in the Home. Arias K. pdf

Designerly Scaffoldings for Co-designing Social Robots and Human-Robot Interaction. Aslam S., Dertien E. and van Dijk J. pdf

Robot Body Movements and the Intentional Stance. Bossema M., Saunders R. and Ben Allouch S. pdf

Design Challanges to achieve the Sense of Embodiment while Developing a Teleoperation System. Falcone S. pdf

New Social Robots Design Methodology to Promote Empathy in Human-Robot Interaction. Fernandes L. and Bernardino A. pdf

Beyond the Robotic Artefact: Capturing Designerly HRI Knowledge through Annotated Portfolios. Hoggenmueller M, Lee W., Hespanhol L., Tomitsch M. and Jung M. pdf

Designing for Body Work in HRI. Joshi S., Kamino W., Karim A., Sabanovic S. pdf

Designing for Compassion: designing robots for e-mental healthcare. Lusi B., van Lotringen C. M., Klaassen R., Ludden G. D. S. and Noordzij M. L. pdf

Design Research in HRI: Roboticists, Design Features, and Users as Co-Designers. Ostrowski A., Park H. W. and Breazeal C. pdf

Intermediate-Level Knowledge: A Conversation Analysis Perspective. Pelikan H. pdf

Functional Aesthetic Design of Therapy robots: Towards Strong Concepts for HRI. Sandoval E. B., Cruz-Sandoval D. and Favela J pdf

Predictive relations as part of designerly HRI. Smit I. pdf

Context-Confrontation: Elicitation and Exploration of Conflicts for Delivery Robots on Sidewalks. Vroon J., Rusak Z. and Kortuem G. pdf

Bridging the Ambient Environment and HRI: Using Site-Specific Robots to Create Context-Conscious Interaction. Zhang M., Hardin J., Brooks J. O. and Green K. E. pdf